Putting your home on the market? I will get your house  show ready.  

I'll declutter and stage your home in plenty of time for the open house.

There are three events to get ready for when selling your home: 

- Photos

- Brokers open

- Open house

Prior to the photos we will take a walk thru the space and discuss the vision for each room. I will then declutter and achieve our vision. 

I will coordinate with movers to setup pickup and storage of boxes should storage in the home be limited.

For the brokers open we will dig a bit deeper and take a look at the main closets in the home: master, entryway, pantry. I will then organize these spaces. 

Finally, prior to open house, we will go thru the kitchen drawers and cabinets, and the rest of the closets to make sure all is on point and at its best. 

To put the time and money in prior to putting your home on the market is hugely beneficial as your home will show better thus your offer will be better.