Refrigerator Organization

October 2, 2019

Some of my favorite products that will have your fridge and freezer super organized in no time:


Go glass - get everything out of plastic using my fave glass tupperware 



These two variations of bins are wonderful in both the fridge and freezer:


(Click here for top two bins shown below)


(Click on image to be directed to bins on bottom shelf)


A third variation of a fridge bin that offers a handle. They're low in height making them better for low lining shelves:



Love an open crisper drawer, everything out of plastic - if necessary adding some clear shelf dividers will allow for further separation thus more categories: 


Placing these in your fridge or freezer full of your favorite smoothie or juice ingredients lets you prep for the full week ahead of time allowing for you to grab one in the morning, blend and go:


Line it up - keep your cans all together with this gem:




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