My Thoughts on The KonMari Method

May 13, 2019


Agree or disagree with Marie Kondo, there is no denying the fact that she has started an amazing conversation about just how much "stuff" we all have. Putting it at the forefront of people’s minds and addressing how important it is to take a second look at the items in your home.   


Two things I am a huge fan of from Marie Kondo; her folding method (KonMari Method) and her philosophy on products.


An aspect of The KonMari method is folding pants and tops and lining them up against each other in a file fashion. This allows for you to really see what you have. You'll know exactly what you’re wearing and what, if anything you may need. It’s super efficient and totally worth it!


The right products are great and can really elevate a space. However, focusing on products initially can slow down the process. My thoughts - just dive in and start organizing then in phase two decide if products are needed. 

Marie Kondo recommends using what you have at home and repurposing it   as an organizing product. For example, an old shoe box could be used to organize socks or tanks. I agree a hundred percent on this! 




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