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March 26, 2018


Kitchens are without a doubt my favorite space to organize & when organized correctly a total game changer. You start in one cabinet and then before you know it the space takes on a life of its own and every cabinet is empty :) 

It is so important for a kitchen to be organized and functional: you will not only cook more because now it is more fun and easy but it cleans up easier too! 

Organizing a kitchen begins like any other space, emptying and grouping like items. Take inventory of what you have, you don't need 3 peelers, 4 pair of scissors and 15 random tsp and Tb measurers, you just don't! Once this is complete and you've purged your doubles and triples now you can move onto the assessment part.

It's important to take a minute and look around thinking about how you work in the space - what are the most utilized large utensils, do you have toddler children you want to give access to their own plates and cups, do you make coffee at home, where do you do food prep etc. Additionally, look at how your kitchen is made up: do you have more upper cabinets than low, more drawers than shelves, deep dead space or all accessible - no matter what your answers are you can make it work, it just needs to be thought out and executed correctly. 

This is where products come in. These can be a bit pricey and add up but totally worth the cost. My current favorite is putting a lazy susan under the sink making it super functional with everything easy to access. 

Drawer dividers are another favorite, along with storing platters and cutting boards upright in a deep cabinet. There are more, but I won't bore you with details :)

Once the cabinets are clean and the products are in place you can move everything back in and enjoy your new kitchen, I promise it is a total game changer! 




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