My 7 tips to get you through any space....

March 16, 2017


1. Tackle one space -- one room, even one corner at a time. Do not float to other areas until the initial space is complete.  Designate an hour within your day to work on it and continue working in one hour increments as long as you are not feeling overwhelmed.


2. Set yourself up prior to beginning; have one bag for donations and one for trash.  Have your bins ready, and a marker and paper handy for labeling 


3. Edit!  If you haven't used/worn an item within the past 6 months, toss or donate it.  


4. Put the time in now.  When storing seasonal clothes, launder, fold and store them away properly. Remember, if you didn't wear an item all season, donate it, don't store it. 


5. Whether you're organizing a drawer, a closet or a larger area, it is best to completely empty the space first.  As you're taking things out place them in categories - seeing like items all together will make the process of purging quicker & easier.   


6. One man's trash is another man's treasure - be cognizant of what you are throwing away.  There are many great donation centers that accept used items including clothes, furniture and electronics - some even offer home pick-up.  


Please click here for a list of donation locations.


7. Breathe and relax -- it's okay to take a break and revisit the space again.  Keep the energy positive. 

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