It Takes a Village....

January 31, 2017



I’d say the number one complaint/question people ask me to solve is;


“How do i keep up with organization when I have all these people in my home?“


Between the nanny, the house cleaner, the kids, spouse etc. its hard to get everyone on the same page.  When they see items that are out they think just throwing them in a random drawer or corner to get them out of sight is a good idea.


Its not!


You’ve just put all this time and money into getting organized and you want to maintain it.


To combat this situation:

  • Have a quick chat with everyone. Let them know you spent time here and you want to maintain it.

  • Get a SMALL container, a basket, bin, tupperware if that’s all you have – anything will work. Keep this out in the problem areas where junk collects. Usually this is the kitchen, office, or toy room, maybe you have one in all three places, that’s okay.

  • Label it, and let everyone know why it's there and what should go in it.

  • Finally, once a week you go and tend to the bins. I promise it will not take you more than 5 minutes to empty out the container and put all the items back where they belong. (Quick tip: empty the bin in the place it sits, divvy everything up into piles by room they should go in and then put away).



This will save you a lot of time and frustration in the long run!








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