Pre Move


Should you want to get organized prior to your move, my recommendation is that we get started 4-6 weeks out. Setting up a few hours each week to touch upon each room in your home: purging and donating what you do not want to take with you and organizing the rest of your items in preparation for being packed.


  • Organize and Edit Belongings

  1.  I will work closely with you to go thru items and purge when necessary then donate to the appropriate location. 

  2. Yard or estate sales can be organized and run if necessary





  • Supervise and Manage Movers

  1.  I will be at your home during the move to make sure all goes smoothly during the moving process.

  • Unpack and Setup

  1.  Once you've moved into your new space I will unpack your belongings and setup in an organized fashion.

Moving day & post move